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We strive to be different!

LLP operate in a swift, discreet and creative way to maximise value and timescales for all parties.

Our expertise is specifically development led and includes sourcing sites and buildings, securing planning, obtaining tenant / operator pre-lets, delivering development solutions and undertaking development projects across the UK for not only our portfolio holdings but a wide range of end users, investors and development partners. We strive to be different and offer owner clients and partners a range of market leading property investment and development solutions.

Legacy Land Partnerships implement Covid 19 safety techniques when dealing with tenants and properties.

Legacy Land Partnerships

Our Sectors


Care Homes, Supported Living, Senior Living, Retirement...

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Social Housing, Affordable Housing, Family Housing...

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Convenience Stores, Roadside and Drive Thru’s...

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Hotels, Cinemas, Bespoke Bar Restaurant...

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