Legacy Land Partnerships

Important Requirements

  • Land between 0.5 to 3 acres (larger sites will still be considered) with or without planning;
  • Existing buildings up to 50,000 sq ft;
  • Freehold / Long leasehold;
  • Satisfactory title;
  • Rural, suburban, central town and city centre locations across the UK;
  • Close to amenity which may include supermarkets, shops, pharmacy and bus stops;
  • Main road frontage for sites (preferred although not essential);
  • Existing planning consents are welcomed particularly with the ability to further improve and maximise scheme density.

Social housing residential portfolios (houses and Freehold unbroken blocks of flats) located all over the UK:

  • Houses under £60,000
  • Flats under £50,000
LLP Important Requirements